Reader Meet Author

I am an artist and graphic designer. Actually, I do a lot of different things, including making music. There is a link in the menu for finding my design and artwork. I was an only child, so I’ve gotten very adept with talking to myself. This blog is probably an extension of that.

I try really hard to not speak definitively about matters of taste. More than any one expression of preference, that actually offends me. Whatever you like, I’m glad you like it and it makes you happy. While taste and preference certainly tell you something anecdotal about someone, one should never judge someone for liking something one doesn’t personally care for.

Most of the music I love comes from the glam rock of early seventies, pushing into punk, and then post-punk and rap. I’m still very much engaged in contemporary electronic music. And as the years roll onward, I am listening to more metal than anything else, though I am selective.

I’ve been a reader most of my life though lately I seem to be stuck in nonfiction and biographies. My favorite writers are fiction writers though. William S. Burroughs was the first writer to capture my attention (at age 12, if you can believe it). Over the years, I also became a huge fan of Kafka, Henry Miller and Philip K. Dick. I’m frustratingly aware that I am lacking a contemporary writer. I’d love to change that, given the free time I never seem to have, and books require so much time.

I prefer fantasy and children’s movies predominantly, though sci-fi rarely gets turned away. I am a lifelong Star Wars fan – literally from age four in 1977. I was also a fan of the Transformers from their introduction in 1984. I’m still a fan and collector (well, of everything but the films – the films I don’t care for).

I regard myself largely as an existentialist philosophically, a liberal politically (though I admit I still like to think of myself as a moderate), and agnostic when it comes to matters of spirituality.

I study astrophysics as an intellectual hobby, as well as other branches of theoretical physics.

I don’t play a lot of videogames, but I’ve been a Dr. Mario addict for a long time now.

My preferred television runs along the political end of things but I probably watch all the same brilliant, episodic dramas you do when I have time (which I rarely do so I tend to be very much behind the current state of shows). Mr. Robot has been very good so far and it’s an odds-on favorite of mine.

Hopefully this suffices. It’s hard to imagine anyone reading this who doesn’t already know me very well, but if I think of anything else, I’ll put it here. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment on what you find.

Ten Favorite Films:

Mad Max: Fury Road
The Tree of Life
The Fountain
Mulholland Drive
The Seventh Seal
La Dolce Vita
Blade Runner
Blue Velvet
Ten Favorite Albums:
Arcadia, So Red The Rose
Eric Avery, LIFE. TIME.
David Bowie, Scary Monsters
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, No More Shall We Part
Coil, Musick to Play in the Dark, Vol. I
Bryan Ferry, Boys and Girls
Haxan Cloak, Excavation
Iggy & The Stooges, Raw Power
Public Enemy, It Takes a Nation of Millions…
Tears For Fears, Songs from the Big Chair